Are You a Work of Art?

Are You a Work of Art?


Recently, I received a very nice affirmation card from Canyon Ranch, and I’d like to share it with you:


“As different as our lives are from one another, the goal is the same: to create ourselves like works of art.”


I appreciate the message viewing myself as a theoretical work of art but what I found very interesting was that of all the people to get this card, it was given to none other than a plastic surgeon, ie, me. Mind you, the card’s benefactor did not possess knowledge of this fact. So, I could look at this message from two perspectives: one coming from what I think is its true intent of achieving acceptance of my imperfections and appreciating my uniqueness as an art-form; or, one coming from the critical eye of a plastic surgeon with evaluating the deformity and addressing its correction in order for beauty to occur.

To me, this affirmation card ignites the age old debate of the utility of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Do we accept ourselves for what we have or do we pick ourselves apart so that we can’t stand to look in the mirror any longer? You know where I’m going with this because I think of this often both from a female and a plastic surgeon’s standpoint. I do think that we all have natural beauty. We all should embrace our genetics and features that make us our own personal work of art. In addition to our features, we have our mode of expression, personality and health that factor into our own personal work of art. A healthy approach to plastic surgery is one that seeks refinement in a state of self-acceptance. As always, the right answer is not a true or false option but a spectrum starting from healthy psychology and, again, self-acceptance. And, with more self-acceptance lies more growth for change. You all are beautiful works of art. As a work of art, be kind and gentle to that art and treat it with care.


3 thoughts on “Are You a Work of Art?

  1. Carol Scales says:

    I too believe I am evolving everyday to a unique Me.

    Nature continues to evolve and blossom a new everyday, why shouldn’t we as human beings do the same!

    We are Art in Progress! Beauty is reflected in the eyes of each person I incounter. A new addition to the puzzle of our individualisum and uniqueness.

    Dr. Melody, I enjoy reading your articles.

  2. says:

    Happy Easter, Melody. Your blog gives me thoughts to chew on!! Yea!
    Keep writing. Patsy

  3. Evelyn Howard says:

    One reason I like and admire you so much as a plastic surgeon and a person is that you are realistic. You have helped me with four surgeries after a large weight loss. I never expected to feel beautiful but you have helped me see myself as more beautiful than I ever thought possible.

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