Complications in Plastic Surgery

Complications in Plastic Surgery

As promised from my facebook entry, here is my first blog from the insightful plastic surgery meeting that I attended a couple weeks ago in DC. The American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) sponsors many educational seminars throughout the year to keep plastic surgeons current. The “Challenging Complications in Plastic Surgery: Successful Management Strategies” was the first of its kind. I mentioned prior to the meeting my excitement regarding the meeting, and, sure enough, the ASPS delivered.

Topics varied at the symposium that covered common issues that we face in plastic surgery. Most of the time was spent on breast surgery, both aesthetic and reconstructive. Breast implant problems, uneven breasts, scar tissue and new experimental procedures were discussed. We talked about scars, in general, and how to treat them. Then, we discussed most of the body contouring procedures like tummytuck, arm and leg lift, and liposuction. Of particular interest to me were the patient case presentations and their management. I always love to hear not only humble pearls of wisdom, but also group discussions of common issues. And, I found it very insightful the way presenting plastic surgeons discussed and differentiated between true complications and common healing situations. One of my parting thoughts was the real need to bridge the understanding of plastic surgery procedures between physician and patient. This may sound obvious, but there is so much marketing and information overload, even on reputable shows, about miracle machines and creams. In small doses, I am going to share with you the salient points of this great meeting. Please look for the next blog on……different body shapes.


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