Health Care Summit: Part 2

Health Care Summit: Part 2

Really, guys, I intend to inform you about that great ASPS meeting on complications that I attended back in July. But, with the last blog, I got some great feedback and comments. Yes, I did leave the conclusion open-ended. Why? Because, none of us know what’s going on and what the future entails for all of us: physicians, businesses, insurance companies and, most importantly, patients. The trend from a universal healthcare and cost standpoint is the conglomerate health care system or group practice. There is a subtle implication in the previous blog that the solo physician, like me, in private practice may be of historical value in the next few years. I think that it is a sad state of affairs, because I, personally, love my patient base, and, in addition to the medical treatment, enjoy getting to know my folks. Most of us our going to hang in there the best we can.  That being said, I also believe that the leadership and physicians of groups like Kaiser, PAMF, etc. are trying their best to provide the best healthcare as possible. Same goes for hospitals like ValleyMedicalCenter that provide service to the uninsured. We’re all caught up with desire to provide excellent care as proud citizens of the USA; however, our financial hands tied.

What is known is there is a problem residing on the multitude of people who are losing their health care benefits because of the anemic economy. For those who have insurance, we physicians are having an even more difficult time getting tests or procedures authorized. Finally, the uncertainty, changes and increase cost create a general frustration amongst the people. People are justifiably scared because we, as Americans, simply aren’t used to uncertainty. The American way is fertile with ingenuity, possibility and hope.

Let’s see what the future holds and put our creative minds together for a do-able solution. We are all in this together and need to remember that and work together in a positive fashion.

On that note, next blog I’ll talk about different body shapes. ‘Til then, be well, my friends. 


One thought on “Health Care Summit: Part 2

  1. Candice Tuttle says:

    Hang in there…you provide a wonderful and caring service to your patients!

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