Let Love Nourish Your Spirit

Did all of you have a loving Valentine’s Day? I sure hope so. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday because it makes us reflect on that four-letter word—“LOVE.” I know most of us equate the day with flowers, chocolate and romantic love. But how about the concept of universal love switching the focus from self to how we are all connected in one way or another?
I spent some of my Valentine’s weekend attending the annual San Francisco Writer’s University conference. One of the keynote speakers was the lovely Ann Perry who speaks as graciously as she writes. She so enthralled me with her comments and philosophy about her writing. One comment she made, responding to the question of why she gives her subordinate characters importance, struck such a chord with me. She simply stated, “Every human being is important. Whether they are a primary or secondary character is not important because every human life is important.” I’m always amazed the number of drafts that go into the final writing product. When, I read an engaging book by great writers like Ann Perry, with steady pace, character development and sensual description, I think that it just happens when pen hits paper. She, as well, as many others admitted to the hard work and number of drafts that go into the final product that, we as the reader, so enjoy. I thought to myself, as I was listening, that maybe we, as human beings, should view life as drafts. Most spiritual literature discusses the many deaths and rebirths or should I say phases that occur in a person’s life. As we progress through life analyzing our thought process as it relates to our reality and sense of happiness and accomplishment, meditating on those concepts that become more lucid should be our goal. Each phase should build upon and improve the next for what we present to our Spirit (God, Christ, etc……whatever your faith may be) our last and final draft. For those who do not reflect or simply care not to examine their life, well, let me just put it this way……it’s not for me to judge, and I pray for you. An outlook as such may not be so depressing for those who view aging as a horrific event. After all, with age, does come wisdom to those who pursue finding their Spirit. And I can only see Spirit as a loving, caring Spirit who loves all of us whether we are primary or secondary characters. Happy Valentine’s Day.


One thought on “Let Love Nourish Your Spirit

  1. Julie Mason says:

    I too adore Valentine’s Day and in fact usually take the day off from work like my Birthday. I do this whether I have a significant other or not. Prior to Valentines Day I try to do something to let the closest I know matter. On Valentines Day I do not necessarily do anything spectacular; but am loving to myself and do whatever soothes the soul. It can be something as simple as gardening. I agree with Ann Perry about people and have always stated to others… Whether people are of another nationality or regardless of what job or not they have ~ We are all just people. No one is more important than the other. I love your concept of presenting our final draft to our higher power. Great analogy which works with my philosphy that we are ALL works in progress. Thanks for articulating and expanding upon my thoughts. You are the bomb!

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