My Resolution of Self-Acceptance

My Resolution of Self-Acceptance


Thanks to all of you who expressed missing my blog and where did I go? Some of you know that I’m working on a major writing project that takes up much of my precious writing time. But, I am appreciative to those of you asking me to resume my blog, so here we go. Well, it’s another new year and time for resolutions.  I have a suggestion: how about a resolution of self-acceptance and, here we go, self-love.

Resolutions come from a place within us that awakens our inner critic. We’re too fat because we don’t eat right or exercise. We are morons who can’t spend our money correctly. We can’t succeed at x because we are not y. Get my point? Especially, the more “Type A” we are the more geared we are to critique those around us, and, most all, ourselves.  Also, these are downer times where many people are feeling anxiety and uncertainty about the future.

We all have our chosen successes and failures in our lives. Whether it’s a daily routine or a goal that we feel we must achieve but haven’t, we tend to focus on “failures” hence our society’s omnipotent and highly popular resolution concept. Sometimes failures are highlighted because people around us love to focus on and gossip about these things……especially, in the competitive milieu. What self-acceptance/self-love do is not make us lazy and say to hell with it, this is the way it is. Rather, instead of negative thoughts, self-acceptance brings on the energy of focusing on the good about ourselves and then, if there’s something we want to change approach our inner critic with the “ by the way, there’s something I’d like to improve upon and let’s give it a whirl” attitude. My best example that I can think of comes from sports. We all have favorite teams and athletes. There are times, for example, that I watch Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls MVPx3) who is amazing most of the time. However, even Derrick misses a key lay up or free throw that costs the team a game. I’m sure he, his teammates and coach (Oh! And let’s not forget the people who bet on the game, the team owner and manager and the whole state of IL) slam him.  Outside of his not playing a game this season because of his ACL issue, does he throw in the towel? NO!!!! He knows he’s good, we know he’s good and he just goes back and tries his best.

My closing thought to you is to be kind to yourself. Life is hard, but guess what? We’re all in this together and if we’re kind to self and accept self, collectively, we’re kind and accept each other



So, I just ate three slices of pizza, looked in the mirror and swear that my face looks fatter. I know that sounds ridiculous but many of us do what I did and think that fat is that easily mobilized, gained or lost. Because of that mentality, TV, print and radio is and flooded with devices promising to melt, freeze or blast away fat without surgery. Fat is gone and, poof! We look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Trust me, if a machine like that existed, I would be the first to buy it and hook myself up.

We have fat everywhere in our body and the stuff does become a part of our body chemistry. Fat is pinch-able. It’s around our inside organs (know as visceral fat). It is biologically active just like skin, liver, kidney, heart etc. in that it participates in our body function. That’s why the slow, regulated way of losing weight is not only safest but also long-lasting. What happens as we age is that our bodies obtain more fat …both men and women!!…our hormones and chemistry change, and we lose muscle mass which slows our metabolism as well. Working out is fun in our 20’s, a good thing to do in our 30’s, a MUST in our 40’s+++.

Let’s get back to talking about these miracle machines. Most of you know that I own a smart-lipo MPX device. It’s a wonderful and strong laser that specifically targets the fat cell and shrinks the skin. However, after melting the fat it must be removed with a liposuction cannula….literally, removing the fat from the body. The laser is an in-between step that provides for a more specific and gentle procedure that yields much better contouring than the old-fashioned liposuction that you have seen and been grossed out by on You-Tube or TV. The indications are still the same as with traditional liposuction in that you should be on a good diet and exercise program but have persistent areas where the fat just doesn’t go away. None of the machines out there serve as a miracle wand that permanently removes fat. After all, we are not a bar of soap. We are active, ALIVE, creatures and there is not substitute to a healthy lifestyle.